Lokad Safety Stock Calculator v1.3 has been released. This new version fixes many subtle, yet annoying, defects of the previous versions.

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Those fixes are based on questions sent to the Lokad support. Following the two ways fix approach, we do our best, first to address customer questions, and second the fix the underlying issues which caused questions to be raised in the first place.

Among the various improvements, it is now possible to

  • to cancel an operation in progress.
  • to minimize the application to the system tray when waiting for the forecasts.
  • to clear a report (i.e. erasing all existing data while keeping the settings).
  • to import data from Excel (check the tutorial).
  • to browse for the right file when the connection string is a file path.

Plus, we have improved a couple of error messages and behaviors to make them less obscure to those who did not happen to actually design the application.