We have been a long-time supporter of OpenID. In practice, OpenID means that you don’t have to create yet another login/password for Lokad, instead you choose to delegate the authentication to a popular webapp where you already have an account such as GMail or Yahoo Mail.

OpenID login of Lokad

We are very pleased to announce that Lokad is now supporting PayPal as an OpenID provider as well. We believe to be one of the very first Windows Azure powered business app to do so. It means that you can use your existing PayPal account to log into Lokad. This option is especially handy if you happen to pay your Lokad subscription with PayPal.

Then, although forecasting accuracy remains our No1 long-term development effort, we have restarted to push efforts on the usability of all the mundane parts of Lokad: sign-up, consumption tracking, invoicing, payment… Improvements will be gradual but we have the firm intent to achieve a smoother user experience within 2 or 3 months from now.