Lately, we realized that the page detailing our forecasting technology was somewhat vague concerning under-the-hood aspects such as seasonality, trend, product life-cycle, promotions, … Hence we have just posted a new extensive Forecasting Technology FAQ.

Questions and Answers

  • Nuts and bolts
    • How accurate are your forecasts?
    • Forecasting competitions, do you have any academic validation of your technology?
    • Do you evaluate the accuracy of your forecasts?
  • General patterns
    • Macro trends (ex: financial crisis), how are they handled?
    • Seasonality, trend, how is it handled?
    • Promotions, how are they handled?
    • Product Life Cycles and product launches, how are they handled?
    • Intermittent / low volume products, how are they handled?
    • Cannibalization, how are they handled?
    • Weather, how is it handled?
  • Demand artifacts
    • Lost sales caused by stock-outs, how are they handled?
    • Exceptional sales, how are they handled?
    • Aggregation, top-down or bottom-up?

Obviously, we are barely scratching the surface here. Don’t hesitate to post your own questions, we will do our best to address them as well.