Our growing development team in Russia has a new home: This week, Lokad’s new development center opened its doors in Ufa. The office opening is an important step in consolidating our development capabilities and expertise in Russia and laying the foundations for further expansion. The office will be lead by Rinat Abdullin, Lokad’s Technology Leader.

Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia and situated near Eastern Europe’s land boundary with Asia. Approximately 1 million people are currently enjoying average temperatures of up to 26C and endure up to -40C in Winter. Ufa’s industry is dominated by oil refining and manufacturing.

The choice of location might puzzle, were it not for the Bashkir State University, which is among the top ten classical universities in Russia. It is especially strong in applied mathematics and information technologies. Many prominent applied mathematicians and physicists were among the faculty at different times, and the Department of Mathematics and the Ufa Institute of Mathematics including its Computing Center are among the best Russian schools in Applied Mathematics.

Our technology combines the triple mastery of statistics, enterprise software engineering and cloud computing in its most advanced forms. The only way to tackle this complexity is by working with the best people in its field worldwide, irrespective of where we find them. Ambitious new development initiatives such as Shelfcheck, an on-shelf availability monitoring tool for retail, require further investments in highly talented people. With Paris (France) and Ufa we now have two development locations that draw from extremely strong talent pools.

We are particularly pleased to see a red sofa appearing in the communal areas of the Ufa location. At the risk of giving away company secrets – a similar piece of furniture has been the breeding ground for some of the best ideas in Paris…