A few days ago, an unnamed team-member entertained herself late at night by ego-Googling the term ‘Lokad’ when she made an unexpected discovery: According to Turkish tech blog webrazzi, Lokad was to be featured as one of Europe’s 100 hottest startups in the upcoming edition of Wired Magazine UK.

This was rather unexpected, and our Turkish is a bit rusty lately, so we kept our feet still. However, today we have a freshly minted Wired Magazine in our hands (or rather iPad) and must say we are thrilled to find the Turkish prediction come true.

“Lokad blends the cloud with algorithms to spot patterns in business data; send off a mess of historical stats and receive back a neat set of forecasts about demand, sales or workload. And its pay-as-you-go – cheaper than performing analysis in-house.”

We say thank you to the Wired team for their trust and the Lokad team for their great work. Oh, let’s not forget to mention that we feel in great company, with the likes of Criteo, Sensee and Vente Privee being featured as well. But now enough of the self-congratulations and back to work…

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Congratulations to all the team, this is just great ! :-) 6 years ago | Emmanuel

Congratulations! 6 years ago | Scooletz