Over the last decade, competitive intelligence has evolved from an expensive venture reserved to large companies to a commoditized piece of technology where there are apps capable of retrieving your competitor’s prices for no more than a few hundred dollars per month.

This situation is putting online merchants under a considerable pressure as they are now constantly endangered of being outpriced by competitors. Obviously, merchants did not wait for the Internet to have a look at competitor’s prices, however, the automated retrieval of prices on the web really changed the the scale of the practice.

Being outpriced comes with massive costs:

  • your leads are still acquired at the same price (ex: through AdWords) but your conversion rates drop because people notice that your competitor is systematically $0.50 cheaper than you.
  • your margins drop because you have to engage in price wars in order to sustain your conversion rates; however, you usually remain a couple days behind your competitors.

Today, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of BotDefender, a service to protect the prices of your online store from the automated retrieval by competitors.

Without getting too much into the details, BotDefender is a lightweight technology that vastly complicates the task of your competitors (or the experts they have hired) to retrieve your prices. From the end customer perspective, BotDefender is invisible. From an SEO perspective, BotDefender is extremely respectful of all the “good” robots, that is, Google and search engines in general.

BotDefender comes with an Express Plan that is free and does not expire. Moreover, the Express Plan is fully functional.

Time to drive your competition nuts! Why are you still being nice and helpful with competitors? Get BotDefender now.