BotDefender protects your store from the automated retrieval of all your prices by competitors and now, we have just released a free add-on for Magento.

Protecting your store has now its 1-click solution!

This add-on has been co-designed as a joint effort between Wyomind, our Magento specialist, and the Lokad team. In particular, we paid a lot of attention to the add-on performance. Indeed, the add-on should never to slow down any pages in order to preserve an optimal shopping experience.

The algorithmic strategy used to achieve a near-zero performance impact on the store is available here. In short, we are using a combination of deferred server calls and smart caching to prevent any blocking operation from the add-on, while keeping the extra cache burden very low - below 10MB even for large sites.

Stay tuned for more, BotDefender will soon be supporting other popular commerce platforms.