Priceforge, our dashboarding and pricing webapp, is under rapid evolution. In particular, two new features, related to process automation, have just been put in production. With those features, it is now possible to design a completely automated setup, where every day and without any manual intervention, dashboards get refreshed and where revised prices get imported back into the business systems.


Inspired from the design already in place for Salescast, Priceforge has now its own Web API (Application Programing Interface). The purpose of this API is to offer the possibility to programmatically control the execution of your Priceforge projects from a remote system.

For example, with this API, it becomes possible to write a script that runs outside Priceforge, which first uploads the latest data by FTP toward BigFiles - our file hosting service - and second, that triggers the execution of the relevant Priceforge projects.

This API follows usual REST patterns with JSON-formatted messages. For now, there are two methods:

  • /api/startrun which triggers a project execution.
  • /api/projectstatus which details the state of a project.

File export

Priceforge can perform advance calculations to compute revised prices or optimized item display ranks - our technology not limited to prices only. However, to make the most of Priceforge, those data need to be imported back into the relevant business systems, Magento or Prestashop for example.

Priceforge now supports a built-in mechanism to export data throught the file tile. A tile - in Priceforge - is one of the elementary blocks that compose a dashboard. For example, Priceforge supports very visual tiles such as barchart or linechart.

The tile of type file has two outputs. First, the tile gets displayed as a plain block within the dashboard. If this tile gets clicked, you download the file. Second, the file is pushed back to BigFiles at the specified location. For example:

show file "/foo/my-prices.tsv" with Id, Label, Price

This tiny Envision script defines a tile of type file which produces a file named my-prices.tsv that is pushed to the folder named /foo in BigFiles. This file then becomes available for download through FTP.