Moving data around is the Achilles’ heel of most commerce optimization projects; no matter if it’s stocks, prices or staffing being optimized. Over the last year, and thanks to the support our partners, data integration had become a lesser pain for companies using the Lokad technology, but still, it remained a hassle.

Today, we are proud to announce the immediate availability of Sync, a web app dedicated to the 1-click import of all the relevant business data either for Salescast (inventory optimization) or for Priceforge (pricing optimization). Data are retrieved directly from the third party app - typically through its Web API.

This initial version supports Brightpearl, an awesome commerce management solution. Just create a new project with Sync:

Click Run and a few minutes afterward, the data files are available within BigFiles, our file hosting app, ready to be crunched by our other apps:

For the duration of the beta, Sync is made available for free. We have not taken any final decision concerning the final price, but it will be a very affordable monthly subscription.

This release is only the first step of many. Need something more? Don’t hesitate to drop us an email.