We are hiring a lead generation wizard!

Lokad is a software company that specializes in quantitative optimization for commerce. We help merchants, and a few other verticals, to forecast their inventory and to optimize their prices. We are profitable; we are still small but growing fast. We are closing deals North America, Europe and Asia. The vast majority of our clients are not in France.

Lokad is sold through the web, almost exclusively relying on inbound marketing. We have hundreds of leads per month, but we are aiming for thousands. So far marketing was done part time by the founder, but it’s time to put marketing in more capable hands.

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Lokad, you will have one metric: the number of qualified leads; and we expect you to own a lead commit as well. At this stage, we do not care about corporate marketing, only lead generation matters. The web is the native marketing channel of Lokad. While other channels can be leveraged, we expect you to steadily increase the presence of Lokad on the web to generate the bulk of lead growth.

Our technology is very noticeable, and we need you to make sure that decision makers do notice. Our reach is the world. Lokad is already available in many languages beyond English.

We are located 50m from Place d’Italie, Paris, France.

Desired Skills and Experience

You have two years or more in lead generation marketing for a B2B SaaS company. With a bit of help from a graphic designer, you can deliver awesome web marketing materials. Your written communication skills are top notch, and big bonus to you if you have a blog with some audience. B2B stuff is usually boring, and non-viral, and yet, you can make things happen: you can vanquish the market inertia and make people pay attention. Naturally, you are perfectly fluent in English. Speaking French is a bonus but not a requirement.