The future of supply chains depends on critical innovation such as deep learning or Bitcoin, the only blockchain that appears to have at least a plausible chance of delivering the massive on-chain scalability that supply chains require. Young talents capable of delivering tomorrow’s innovation should be attracted and nurtured. Thus, Lokad is proud to announce that - thanks to our sponsors CoinGeek and nChain - we have become a Gold Sponsor of the ACM programming context for Southwestern Europe.

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Programming contests are tough on students. It takes a lot of courage to participate, and naturally a huge amount of talent to have any chance of making it to the top ranks. Yet, it’s also a great opportunity to take part in a high-spirited event, intended to raise the bar of computer science skills of a whole generation.

SWERC participants need to demonstrate superior abilities in solving tough algorithmic problems, which are of primary relevance for supply chains. Indeed, crafting flexible, scalable, expressive algorithms are of primary importance in order to get more accurate demand forecasts and a better resolution for non-linear optimization problems.

Join us at SWERC 2018 and be part of the future of supply chains!