Just over a year and a half ago we embarked on the ambitious challenge of starting a video channel dedicated to the world of supply chains. At the time we understood this was an industry that many found uninspiring and confusing, whilst the rapid pace of changing technology meant it was almost impossible to keep up. As such, we made it our goal to bring a bit of clarity through weekly discussions on a diverse wide range of topics; such as Forecasting, Fashion and Differentiable Programming.

milestone reached

Since the channel was launched we have been (nearly) overwhelmed by the response of our viewers and are slightly incredulous to have now reached the milestone of 1000 subscribers. One of the main goals of the channel was to get people in the industry talking and we have been particularly impressed with the enthusiasm with which the videos have been received and the aptitude of our viewers.

As a company of engineers, scientists and mathematicians we have enjoyed the interesting debates that have arisen and always relish the opportunity to encounter a new technical challenge. Therefore, if you have any questions on a topic we have covered, or if indeed if there are any other Supply Chain topics you are curious about, feel free to get in touch or leave us a comment on the channel.

For a number of the interviews we have also been lucky enough to be joined by guests from all over the world, ranging in their experiences and covering many different verticals. These have all contributed towards the success of the channel and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has joined us so far - we have certainly found hearing from another point of view fascinating and have definitely learnt a lot from the discussions!

Below you will find our Top 5 videos. We have big plans for new content and guests for the coming few months so if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with the latest episodes!

Rank Video Views
1 [Why Doesn’t ABC Analysis Work?](/tv/2018/9/12/abc-analysis/) 2,637 views
2 Service Level vs. Fill Rate 2,113 views
3 Forecasting Accuracy 1,745 views
4 Data Science For Supply Chain Forecast 1,414 views
5 [Why DDMRP Is Fundamentally Flawed](/tv/2019/3/27/why-ddmrp-is-fundamentally-flawed/) 1,109 views