Just-In-Time (JIT)

Supply chain flashcard on Just-In-Time (JIT). JIT is an inventory strategy companies employ to increase efficiency by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process—because who doesn't love a little danger in their supply chain? 'OUR WAREHOUSE IS AS EMPTY AS A POLITICIAN'S PROMISES, THANKS TO JIT!' It is an approach that can backfire spectacularly, tying a company's fate to the reliability of its suppliers and the whims of global stability. 'WHEN JIT MEETS MURPHY'S LAW, YOU START A DOMINO EFFECT WORTHY OF A WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT.' An image recreates potential scene of a phone call between Toyota's manager and Aisin's manager informing about fire at their warehouse that led to stop of Toyota car manufacturing for a few weeks because of absence of essential parts called p-valves. The call to action at the bottom of the flashcard concludes: 'The JIT system is as forgiving as a cat on bath day—one slip, and you’re scratched.'

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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