Proof Of Concept (POC)

Supply chain flashcard on Proof Of Concept (POC). POC is a small-scale feasibility assessment of a principle, technology, or product that very frequently is incomplete, offering the illusion of progress without the inconvenience of tangible results. 'Let's try it and do a POC.' In the world of enterprise software, it’s the equivalent of a first date or honeymoon phase, with flashy free demos and polished presentations masking the impending doom of scalability and integration issues, along with future price hikes. 'We raised millions! Enjoy our free POCs.' It typically requested by a company too scared to commit and made by a vendor too eager to please. An image part consists of a tabletop airplane model and toy escalator next to it with a Lego-like miniature pilot standing on the escalator. A man's hand rotates a lever of a toy escalator making it move. The botomline says: 'Seek proof of work, not proof of concept. Scale your solutions, not your illusions.'

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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