SkuZ, an SCM (Supply Chain Madness) Game by Lokad

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SkuZ, a supply chain madness game

You’ve always dreamed of managing global-scale supply chains like a boss. Now is your time to shine! But reality strikes - container ships get stuck in canals, your employees disagree with your methods, and your products aren't getting any younger. Will you survive this hostile environment through the sheer power of your superior strategy, smart investment use, promotions, and social media? Or will you fall prey to your lurking competitors, waiting eagerly for a sign of weakness?

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SkuZ sample cards
SkuZ how to play video

SkuZ is a strategic card game that will allow you to experience the crazy world of supply chain. Any resemblance to real situations or issues suffered in your own company or career as a supply chain practitioner are purely coincidental…

  • 2-5 players
  • 30 minutes to play
  • 54 cards, 6 Boss cards, 45 coins, and more
  • Disclaimer: not recommended for supply chain practictioners under 3 years of seniority. Risks of nervous laughter, breakdown, and PTSD symptom development.

Want to gain an edge over your future competitors by learning how to play even before receiving your box? Take a look at this gameplay video, courtesy of Dice Tower!

SkuZ board game playthrough video

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