Microsoft Excel is a de-facto standard for many industries; and many people here have been asking for a better support of Excel for a long time. In our initial attempt at supporting Microsoft Excel, we have been trying to support all versions back to Excel 2000, but the result was not that great, and our add-in was not working properly on many configurations.

This time, we have put a strong focus on the latest version of Excel, and we are proud to announce the release of Lokad Sales Forecasting for Microsoft Excel.

This Add-in natively integrates into Microsoft Excel 2007 instantly enhancing it with the powerful forecasting capabilities provided by Lokad services.

This release comes with better User Interface and improved synchronization heuristics.

Just configure the connection, define forecasting tasks and hit Refresh to deliver results right into your Excel Workbook. Forecasting has never been so easy!

You can check out more screenshots or dive right into the tutorial. Lokad Support will be glad to answer any questions and receive any feedback.