Innovation is a messy process. If we knew the final destination from the start, the path to getting there would be a lot less convoluted. Lokad is no exception. Over the last year, we constantly kept innovating, right from the beginning of the year as far as inventory forecasting is concerned, and have moved on to pricing optimization more recently. And along the way, we introduced a series of apps, Salescast and Priceforge being the most important ones.

Over the last couple of months, our apps were gradually converging, unlocking multiple synergies along the way. Today, we are proud to announce that the user interfaces of both Salescast and Priceforge have been unified into a single Projects view.

This new design reflects the fact that Salescast and Priceforge are intended to be used together, both for inventory forecasting and also for pricing optimization. Our old marketing message Salescast is for forecasting and Priceforge is for pricing had become misleading because in practice, all of our best accounts were using both apps together.

The user interface has been merged, but our website and our documentation are still lagging behind. In the coming weeks, we will revisit our website in its entirety in order to present the app as it is now available.