Whenever Lokad produces a dashboard or a forecasting report, under the hood, the input data is stored as tabular files within your Lokad account. Those files are accessible through the Files tab of the top navbar.

Screenshot file listing

However, when you’re account grow large, with many files and many folders, it might also become a bit messy too. Keeping the data well organized and well documented is a critical part of a good data-driven commerce optimization initiative. Thus, we have been working new features to make it easier.

All the folders of your Lokad account can now be documented with notes written in the CommonMark flavor of MarkDown. When a file named ReadMe.md is found in a folder, then its content gets displayed just above the list of files, as illustrated above.

Screenshot MarkDown editor

Then, if you click the ReadMe.md file, you get a MarkDown editor where you can see side-by-side your notes and their rendered counterpart. If you folder don’t have a ReadMe.md, you can create one just by clicking the button Add ReadMe.md button that appears below the file list when your folder doesn’t contain such a file yet.