Almost exactly 18 months ago, I wrote a post to celebrate passing 3,000 subscribers on LokadTV. That post, in fact, was written almost 18 months after we celebrated passing 1000 subscribers. Curiously enough, we passed 1000 subscribers about 18 months after we began actively promoting the channel. Based on this data, according to very sophisticated statistical modelling, LokadTV will have 1,000,000 subscribers in 5.77 years. This seems … reasonable1. Today, LokadTV’s viewership exceeds 6,000 subscribers, which, in the context of the niche discussions we host, is impressive.

Allegory of the LokadTV audience growth involving a checkerboard and rice.

Lokad passed the milestone during my recent lead-time forecasting lecture, and while it is tempting to think I am solely responsible for this accomplishment2, LokadTV’s growth is the result of the team’s steadfast dedication to publishing quality discussions with supply chain experts. Lokad has been lucky to produce information-rich interviews with industry leaders like Air France, Revima, and La Redoute, as well as experts in the field like Dr John Gattorna, Lora Cecere, and Alexander Backus3.

I made my opinion on the state of supply chain communication quite clear in a recent stream of candor, and the fact that LokadTV continues to grow tells me there is indeed method to the madness. There is clear interest in Lokad’s message, and that interest translates to people spending 100s (in some cases 1000s) of hours watching our lectures, interviews, and educational videos.

2023 promises even more in-depth analysis, interviews, and lighthearted digs, so be sure to subscribe, and hopefully I’ll be back here in 18 months to celebrate passing the 10,000-subscribers milestone (perhaps even more, according to Professor ChatGPT 1).

ChatGPT extrapolates the future audience of LokadTV

  1. See my double-blind, peer-reviewed source below. ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. I jest, of course. There is a tremendous amount of hard work (and patience!) from the LokadTV team behind the scenes, without which none of the episodes would be conceived, shot, edited, pushed and ultimately viewed. ↩︎

  3. Other notable interviews include Bram Desmet, David Simchi-Levi, Christian Schuh, Richard Lubienski, Warren Powell, Fabian Pinkaers, Jes Bengtsson, and Estelle Vermorel. ↩︎