Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Supply chain flashcard on Integrated Business Planning (IBP). IBP is an attempt to blend the numerical rigor of FP&A with the operational savvy of S&OP. Often ends up as a power struggle between departments, each wrestling for control over the company's strategic decisions. Our IBP process is so integrated our CFO doesn't know whether to embrace or strangle our SCO. Synonym - power play. It is an organizational utopia where supply chains managers dream of having a say in strategic decisions, but end up being the finance team's spreadsheet jockeys. With IBP, you integrate two complex processes, which just doubles the fun. An image of the flashcard features two armwrestlers behind flags titled FP&A and S&OP and a referee with IBP badge on his chest. IBP is not about aligning plans. It is about aligning egos.

Artist: Marina Besfamilnaya

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