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Sep 22, 2023
Bottlenecks always exist in supply chain
Sep 15, 2023
Even lean supply chains need stock
Sep 8, 2023
Not learning basics can be costly in supply chain
Sep 1, 2023
Customer satisfaction comes at a price nobody wants to pay
Jul 28, 2023
What seems too good to be true
Jul 21, 2023
Supply chain management: software, math, statistics...
Jul 7, 2023
What if the industry standard is wrong?
Jun 30, 2023
De-risking high-impact projects
Jun 23, 2023
Be caferul what you negotiate for
Jun 16, 2023
POCs in software development are nonsense
Mar 31, 2023
Not all ideas are born equal
Mar 24, 2023
Pricing is not the only thing that matters