00:00:00 Introduction to Stephan Lise from Air France Industries.
00:01:00 Discussion on the stock optimization tool and inventory management.
00:03:04 Exploration of the complexity of the aviation activity and the impact of COVID-19.
00:04:09 Comparison of Prognos with other existing solutions on the market.
00:05:12 Discussion on working with data scientist teams.
00:07:01 The success factors and challenges of digitization.
00:08:27 Competition and the unique value of Prognos for Inventory.


Recorded in the autumn of 2022 at Air France’s aircraft engine repair facilities, the interview features Stéphan Lise and Joannes Vermorel discussing “Prognos for Inventory”, a collaborative tool between Lokad and Air France for optimized stock management in the aerospace industry. They emphasize the complexity of the sector, especially the prediction of needs for expensive parts. The tool proved crucial during the COVID-19 crisis, quickly adapting operations. Mr. Lise highlights the agility of Prognos for Inventory compared to other enterprise solutions, emphasizing its ability to adapt to user processes while allowing effective inter-process communication.