In this interview recorded onsite at a Celio store in Rosny-sous-Bois, Joannes Vermorel and David Teboul (Managing Director of Operations at Celio) discuss the resurgence of Celio following the challenges of 2020-2021. David highlights the importance of a “normal” customer-focused approach in transforming the brand. Lokad supported this transformation by assisting in optimizing the supply chain to better cater to a diverse range of stores and offers. Despite increasing complexity and the rise of online commerce, David emphasizes the need for agility and the critical role of physical stores for Celio, while striving to understand and meet customer needs through various touchpoints.


00:00:00 Discussion on the balance between digital and physical stores
00:01:24 The transformation of the Celio brand.
00:03:38 Explanation of Celio’s supply chain.
00:05:28 The balance between systems and humans in supply chain management.
00:08:16 The complexity and management of licenses at Celio.
00:11:24 Evolution of software and adaptation to markets.
00:13:01 Importance of agility and evolution of the business model.
00:14:42 Explanation of creating an appealing store.
00:16:11 Future vision of fashion distribution and customer experience.