Lokad, a young French company with a staff of 50 selling most of its services abroad, optimizes its customers’ supply chains. Through an original offer of experts supported by a proprietary software platform, it gradually takes over responsibility for the supply chain, with a view to operating it on a daily basis in an optimized way, without betraying the company’s intentions. The benefits for the company are considerable. In this highly scientific discipline, the target of optimization is constantly changing and being thwarted by various actors and events. The right approach, which is rather counter-intuitive, is to push a hypothesis to the limit in order to observe its consequences, which are often absurd and unintended, and then reformulate a more relevant hypothesis. It’s an improbable form of collective learning that can confuse… before seducing and convincing young engineers and demanding customers.

Session organized in partnership with the Industrial Management and Logistics Systems Master’s program at Mines Paris - PSL.


00:00:00 Presentation of Lokad and the role of Supply Chain Scientists.
01:01:13 Questions from the audience.