In this interview recorded in spring 2023 at a Celio store in Rosny-sous-Bois, Joannes Vermorel (founder of Lokad) and Julie Schaf (Supply Chain Director at Celio), discuss their ongoing supply chain optimization partnership. Schaf praises Lokad’s approach, which differs from traditional tools by focusing on product value, optimizing shortage management, and offering high responsiveness to evolving needs. She points out that Lokad anticipates shortages and prioritizes the dispatch of high-performing products to the most profitable stores for each given item. Their close collaboration facilitates rapid adaptation to required changes, generating beneficial economic and operational impacts for Celio.


00:00:00 Introduction and presentation of Julie Schaf.
00:01:02 Discussion on traditional supply chain methods.
00:02:04 Analysis of Celio’s innovative approach.
00:03:01 Management of popular products and shortages.
00:06:04 Approach to ‘digital recipes’ and human intelligence in the supply chain.
00:09:50 Discussion on supply management.
00:11:08 Description of the Insight method for supply.
00:11:53 Importance of business knowledge in supply.
00:13:24 Reflection on agility and rapid modification cycles.
00:14:19 The efficiency of speed in supply management.
00:15:28 Evolution of the role of a supply chain practitioner.
00:16:33 Discussion on the future of the supply management profession.