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Make better purchasing and replenishment decisions. Service more clients with less stock. Achieve less stock-outs and less dead stock. No more spreadsheet madness.

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The most accurate numbers that technology can deliver


We start with your historical data. We qualify and refine this data. We produce probabilistic forecasts which work even when facing intermittent or erratic demand. Finally, we return numbers fully aligned with your business needs.

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What is Lokad?

Our goal is to deliver the best possible numbers when it comes to your inventory. This usually involves answering two questions: When to order? and How much to order? However, depending on your specific supply chain challenges, we can help you tackle many more issues such as identifying dead stock, rounding up quantities to the next container, distributing stock across multiple sites, and so on.

Lokad is a combination of software+experts. With our software, your company gains access to the most advanced forecasting technology on the market, featuring quantile and probabilistic forecasts. Quantile forecasts are essential for achieving results when sales volumes are low and/or when demand is erratic.

And thanks to our experts, your company gains access to expertise and dedication of our Lokad team. We are here to solve your supply chain challenges whatever it takes. Lokad features programmatic capabilities that our experts use in order to take into account all of your supply chain constraints: container shipments, minimum order quantities, shelf space capacity, etc.

Business drivers and constraints

Nearly all companies have an almost unique set of business drivers and supply chain constraints. A purchase order forecast is no good if the projected quantity exceeds the warehouse capacity. Lokad is committed not only to delivering very accurate forecasts, but also to delivering numbers that are fully aligned with the nature of your business.

When we think of forecasting error, we think of dollars of error rather than percentages of error. The numbers provided to you by Lokad intend to take into account all the relevant dimensions of your business, including shelf-life limits, obsolescence risks, collection launches, kitting and bundling, etc.

Lokad team is here to give you very hands-on support. Our managed accounts benefit from an end-to-end service solution, where our Data Scientists take care of crafting an optimization logic entirely dedicated to your company.

Configure your forecasts
Import data from many data sources

Import your data and get started

In order to deliver meaningful results, Lokad typically starts its work with three different datasets: (1) your list of products (2) your sales history and (3) your purchase order history. Then, to refine the results even further, we can include any additional relevant data: stock-out history, promotional history, competitors prices, etc.

Lokad offers data connectors for many popular apps. If your app is supported by Lokad, you can import all the relevant data into your Lokad account in just a few clicks.

Otherwise, you can also import your flat files (CSV, TSV, Excel) into Lokad. Files can be uploaded through the web or through protocols such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS. In fact, Lokad is able to handle very large quantities of files in various formats. We can even scale up to extremely large retail networks if needed.

If you wish to proceed by importing your files into Lokad, just get in touch with the Lokad team, and we will provide you with the necessary technical guidance to help you extract the right data in the correct format.

What our customers are saying

We chose Lokad following an in-depth analysis of the inventory optimization solutions available on the market for our MRO activity (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul). Lokad's partnership-based approach and their reactivity, adaptability, and especially the performance of their solution led us to trust them with the inventory optimization of our aircraft spare parts equipment for our clients throughout the world. Lokad was successful in living up to the expectations and the complexity of our industry thanks to their original and intelligent approach to our needs.

Olivier Mazzucchelli
CEO of Spairliners

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