Retailers and eCommerce today record large amounts of sales and client data, which provides a rich source of information for marketers. However, the exploitation of this data to date has remained a rather costly, semi-manual and high level exercise that is only scraping the surface of what promises to be a gold mine for marketing.

We believe Big Data technology will play an important role in the future of retail marketing by helping to address much more effectively the single most important goal of marketing: providing the most relevant communication to the individual client at the right moment in time.

This whitepaper examines how Big Data technology in the coming years will give marketers the tools to transform the effectiveness and ROI of their activities.

  • Targeting: How individual client analysis will replace customer segmentation with true 1-to-1 marketing
  • Measurement: Reliable measurement of promotion conversion, cannibalization, and long term effects through client history and basket analysis
  • Performance: How a closed feedback loop creates a learning system
  • Cost: Full automation enables a massive scalability at low cost
  • Innovation: Intelligent client applications powered by Big Data technology

The stage is set for what we believe will be fundamental improvements in the way marketing can target, assess, optimize and ultimately convert their campaigns into profits for the company. Exciting times are ahead!