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Jan 14, 2008

Choosing the right forecast period

This topic is often left unanswered. Discover with us how to increase forecasting accuracy.

Jan 7, 2008

Chinese food vs. Sports bar while forecasting sales

See why Lokad relies on statistical correlations instead of focusing on industry segments.

Dec 17, 2007

Past stock-outs may generate future stock-outs

Discover why increasing your forecast accuracy here and now is key to increasing accuracy tomorow.

Oct 24, 2007

Forecasting and planning for small businesses

Lack of planning leads to failure; instead, strategic planning is the key to grow your business.

Oct 17, 2007

Business forecasting and its practical application

If you think that your business doesn't need forecasts, you are sorely mistaken...

Oct 10, 2007

Selecting a forecasting method

Beside the product life cycle and the type of firm, there are many criteria to be evaluated.

Sep 16, 2007

Forecasting for μCommerce?

What should a forecasting software for micro-commerces include? Discover it in this article.

Aug 28, 2007

Top 8 reasons why sales forecasting don’t work

We consider that these top 8 reasons can be consolidated into 2 main obstacles.

Aug 5, 2007

Worlds of Forecasting Software

Let's have a look at the different uses of the term "Forecasting Software"? Where do we (you) stand?

Jul 19, 2007

Demand Forecasting vs. Sales Forecasting

Learn the subtle but important distinctions between these two concepts.

Dec 4, 2006

Do not make a sum with your forecasts

See why you should instead aggregate the different time-series into one before performing a forecast.