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Sep 6, 2023

MRO Complexity Explained (Paris Air Show 2023)

Effective MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) requires meticulous management of up to several million parts per plane, where any unavailability can result in costly aircraft-on-ground (AOG) events. Traditional solutions to manage this complexity involve implementing safety stock formulas or maintaining excessive inventory, both of which have limitations and can be financially untenable. Lokad, through a probabilistic forecasting approach, focuses on forecasting the failure or repair needs of every individual part across the fleet and assessing the immediate and downstream financial impact of potential AOG events.

Jun 28, 2023

The Supply Chain of the Future at Air France Industries with Guillaume Adrien

Guillaume Adrien, VP of Supply Chain Design and Performance at Air France Industries, and Joannes Vermorel, Lokad's founder, discuss the complexities of aviation supply chain optimization. Adrien explains that the nature of the industry demands swift response to unpredictable circumstances, with safety being a top priority. The collaboration with Lokad and the use of predictive optimization technology has resulted in noticeable improvements in non-stock management and other supply chain areas. Emphasizing the ongoing transformation of Air France's supply chain, Adrien highlights the need for adaptability, curiosity, data-driven mindsets, and innovation in aspiring engineers. The goal is to create a digital twin of the supply chain for potential optimizations.

May 3, 2023

Aircraft Engine Maintenance Repair and Overhaul at Air France Industries with Fanny Kientz

Joannès meets Fanny Kientz -the Vice-President of Engine Supply Chain and Assets at Air France Industries (AFI)- to discuss about the path of the maintenance/repair process and all the associated constraints. The challenges for aircraft supply chain are also talked through, with a focus on the balance between costs and operational efficiency or post-pandemic adaptation. Fanny highlights the important contribution of Lokad to release the potential from the data, allowing AFI to optimize the entire activity.

Apr 26, 2023

Spare Part Optimization for Aircrafts at Air France Industries with Olivier Pelloux-Prayer

Aircraft components fail frequently and the costs of maintaining regular safety stock is prohibitive. What is the key to achieving the right balance between uninterrupted customer operations and having the right stock, at the right place at the right price? VP Assets and Outsourced Repairs of component division, Olivier Pelloux-Prayer, shares some advice on how to keep inventory at the best level while keeping customers satisfied.

Feb 15, 2023

Running a Large Scale Aviation Supply Chain at Air France Industries with Jacques Dauvergne

More than 1000 flights from nearly 200 companies are able to take-off daily thanks to the repairs and maintenance carried out by Air France Industries. If you are curious to learn how such a complex supply chain program runs and how Lokad is coordinating efforts to optimize the process, Jacques Dauvergne- Senior Vice President Supply Chain at AFI- is happy to share all the aspects and insights of the story.

Dec 14, 2022

Logistics and Supply Chain at La Redoute

Patrice Fitzner decided a decade ago to translate his knowledge from the automotive industry to La Redoute, the second largest women’s clothing retailer. Patrice has been a major contributor in the creation and success of La Redoute’s ultra-modern logistics platform called Quai 30.

Dec 7, 2022

Why a digital aviation supply chain? Answers by Air France Industries

Exclusive interviews with Jacques Dauvergne (Senior VP Supply Chain); Fanny Kientz (VP Engine Supply Chain and Assets); Guillaume Adrien (VP Supply Chain Design and Performances); Olivier Pelloux-Prayer (VP Assets and Outsourced Repairs of Component Division); and Stephan Lise (Head of Prognos for Inventory).

Oct 19, 2022

Home Segment & Supply Chain challenges at La Redoute

While pricing and promotions sound as straightforward as offering the best price and maximizing margins, the equation becomes tremendously more difficult when factoring in the enormous size of the catalog, its diversity and seasonality.

Sep 20, 2022

Fashion Segment & Supply Chain challenges at La Redoute

As the second largest women’s clothing retailer, La Redoute’s teams manage a grand total of 18,000 references with a renewal rate of 70% to 80%. Pricing being the number one concern for online customers, the task of managing pricing policies for the entire catalog while maximizing margin is immensely complex if you factor in the evolution of legislation and promotional pressure.

Sep 7, 2022

La Redoute x Lokad - Visit of Quai 30 / What does a modern warehouse look like

As a European leader in ecommerce with a catalog of humongous size and diversity, La Redoute needed a state-of-the-art logistics platform that could handle 300,000 stocked products and process more than 3,500 orders per hour.

May 17, 2022

Prices and stocks optimization at Mister Auto

French car parts distributor Mister Auto has choosen Lokad for both its inventory optimization and its pricing optimization. As the European automotive aftermarket includes hundreds of thousands of part references, stocking all parts at all time isn't economically viable. Moreover, minimal order quantities (MOQs) further complicates the fulfillement of the demand, typically both intermittent and erratic for most parts. Finally, the European automative aftermarket is fiercely competitive, requiring constant pricing readjustments to stay ahead of the competition.

Jun 17, 2020


Open-to-Buy is a budgeting and planning process that is commonly used in the fashion industry to drive purchasing decisions. In this episode, we discuss why this approach is so popular and discuss whether modern technology can provide alternative approaches to keep up with the fast fashion culture.